Desert Shore Yachts (DSY) is a limited production houseboat builder located in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. As the houseboat industry's premier ultra-custom builder, DSY has the ability to take on unique projects that are not possible for manufacturers driven by production-line timetables. By taking on only one or two projects simultaneously, DSY is able to create a vessel for the buyer seeking something distinctive, while maintaining an unparalleled level of quality, detail, and customer service. DSY's low production rate has allowed it to focus greater emphasis on unique concepts and innovations.


DSY pioneered the use of the catamaran “tunnel-hull” in a houseboat application and has improved the technology over the past fifteen years through multiple design iterations. In recent years, DSY has evolved the concept of the “residential yacht”, which brings yacht styling elements to the houseboat industry whose traditional “boxy” look has grown static and stale. DSY augments its tunnel-hull technology with a unique motorized anchor drawer system, which greatly simplifies anchor management when beach camping.


DSY constructs its boats to comply with USCG and other standards as they apply to houseboats. All DSY boats incorporate an all aluminum Tunnel-Hull design that is unique within the houseboat industry. This hull concept provides efficiency, stability and safety while accommodating the amenities houseboaters have come to expect, such as central heating and air conditioning, cuddy cabins, and large accessible hull storage areas.


DSY boats are custom built to order. Available beam widths are 18' to 22‘, with lengths varying from 65' to 100'. For more information regarding Desert Shore Yachts contact David Stevens at