Desert Shore Yachts is actively seeking alliances with qualified international partners to manufacture Desert Shore designs in locations outside the USA. The DSY multi-hull concept was designed specifically to be suitable for international houseboat applications where rougher waters and intra-coastal uses are more common.
Originally conceived so that American-style houseboats could be taken to the world stage, the DSY tunnel-hull design provides the perfect blending of comfort, safety and performance for the diverse marine conditions found throughout the world. DSY receives numerous inquiries each month from potential customers all over the world, but, because of the size of houseboat vessels, international shipping is typically cost prohibitive. We believe that the best approach for taking our residential yacht vessels to the world is to assist qualified parties around the globe in establishing manufacturing capability through one of the following means:
DSY is available for design and consultation work on houseboat-style vessels. DSY possesses in-house capability to produce one-of-a-kind residential yacht vessels from design conception and rendering to full fabrication and construction drawings. (Please refer to the DESIGNS page for design and rendering capability examples). DSY is also available to provide construction management and oversight services.
DSY is open to the sale of our existing technology to partners anywhere in the world. With fifteen years experience in building multi-hulled residential yacht vessels, DSY is uniquely qualified to assist partners in developing and/or producing a suitable houseboat vessel for any protected waterway in the world. Inquiries regarding potential alliances should be directed to either of the parties on the contact page.